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Aaron’s Personal Story

12/01/2015 | By

My name is Aaron Buchan, and I was born in 1980. I spent my primary school years being raised in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. As a young child, I always loved sport and my parents truly supported and encouraged me to play or participate in sports. I thank them for that, as I’m sure it has helped me to be as passionate about health and fitness as I am today. After getting kicked out of school in 1996, I went to live with my mother in the southern suburbs and was employed at a metal spinning factory where I was earning less than $5 per hour. After working like a slave, I quickly progressed to the top (with an ‘attitude’, as my boss called it), and I persuaded him to pay me more money. In the year 2000, I was employed at BSTG, a car component company, making whether strip components for various cars. During this time, I was still in the presence of bad crowds. I was now earning almost triple the pay from my previous job and my party life was taking over my world. During my time at BSTG I moved departments and was offered a Team Leader role in the extrusion lines department, where I was in charge of 3-­‐4 employees. This gave me an even greater income to feed my party life. In that same year I had a life threatening car accident, in which I sustained severe facial injuries and had several teeth knocked out. Why? Because I still decided to make incorrect choices! The good news was that I wasn’t driving, because I was intoxicated. At times I thought maybe I should have been. After going back to work (after 6 weeks of sitting on the lounge, eating and still drinking) I was 105kg. Things just weren’t the same. I fell into a pit of depression and I thought I was useless. A huge inspiration to me was the year before, when my mother had admitted to being an alcoholic and hadn’t touched a drink for over a year. This gave me the strength to make the decision to stop drinking. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, as I was a 24-­‐year old young man with many friends drinking at the pub every night. With the support of my girlfriend at the time, I decided to go to an AA meeting, which was the most embarrassing time of my life. Once I got there, and heard the speeches of other alcoholics, I felt empowered to make the change! During 2006, I was compensated with a huge lump sum of money from my recent car accident. Following many years of visiting doctors and lawyers, I knew that this was an opportunity to put my money into my future. In 2005 I had started my study to become a Personal Trainer. In between working 10-­‐12 hour rotating shifts, I found the time through passion and motivation, to complete my exams. In 2006 after completing my Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 qualification, I thought I was ready to change the world! I quickly learned that I had a long way to go to become the trainer and person I wanted to be! During the first 6 month of my professional career, I learned the basic exercise skills to get clients results and to be able to read into what people wanted to create in their life. I knew I still needed something more, so during 2009, I decided to leave the family owned business I was working for and decided to start a franchise through one of the bigger chained gyms. During this time I began to build an accreditation, and I genuinely wanted to change peoples lives. I also decided to be a sponge and absorb all the knowledge possible through attending workshops and completing more study. Many other trainers were too busy or just weren’t interested in bettering their education. I soon found that I was one of the most respected trainers at the gym. In 2011, I was awarded “Personal Trainer of the Year” throughout the region, which I thank a great Manager for. At the end of 2011 I decided to venture out and start up my own personal training studio. I knew it was I huge risk but I knew I wouldn’t fail. For many years, I had visualized how my own personal training studio would look and run, and I came up with the name “Cross Training Systems”. The reason behind the name was, that as I had done so many educational courses and workshops and had learnt so much from other trainers and mentors, my training techniques and now systems was a “cross combination” of what I had learned over the last 7 years. Throughout 2012 I had been working on developing a personal training system, where I had great success, with many testimonials from clients. However one of the problems I found was that my clients were doing the exercises and training programs, but weren’t doing the lifestyle programs due to lack of education. I knew that 1 hour only once or twice a week was not nearly enough time to teach what I had learned in 7 years. This is why I also developed the CTS5N system. These learning curves in life are what got me so passionate about learning about foods to optimize my own, and my client’s health and performance. This book will give you the power to unleash your potential to maximize your nutrition. These recipes are all original and have not been copied. They are what I have tried and tested over the years to overcome many issues. They are also what help me to perform today in all aspects of my life. I truly hope you use this book and enjoy all the recipes.

Aaron Buchan

2003 105kg

2013 81kg
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