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Chicago Bound

29/04/2015 | By

Sorry for late report guys. The last 2 weeks have been crazy for me with organizing sponsors and fund raising for Chicago, as well as full time training and running CTS.

The morning of the race was dark and gloomy. Driving down to the Silver Sands Surf Club, there were a few light showers coming through, but I was hopeful that the weather would clear. I was feeling very relaxed and ready to race, which is a great feeling to have before a big race. My stomach had just enough food in it for my Olympic distances race, and I was drinking my juice on the drive down.

Arriving at the race, the scene was set with an awesome set up from the event managers, with a very professional transition set up. I headed into the clubrooms and got my registration sorted, unpacked my ute, and headed into transition to rack my bike and get my gear ready. Once I was all set up, I headed down to the beach where the tent was set up. It is always great to see other club members getting ready for their best race.

It was time to head off for my usual warm up, which consisted of a beach run (as the run leg was all on the beach) and some dynamic warm up. This is normally about 20 min, and time was ticking with about 20 min before the first race start. I was about the second wave, and so I got my wetsuit on and headed out for my warm up swim. This normally consists of a light swim of 100m, some quick drills, another 100m, and some fast efforts for 100m, then another light swim of 100m. I then headed back to shore where I had a quick gel and some more PH8 water. The swim course was 2 x 750m laps and the conditions couldn’t have been better, with no wind and flat water. I was confident I could smash this swim and I knew my bike was going to be fast (as always), and I was sure my run would be good, if I could hold my pace.

The time came to line up at the start line. The first wave had already left and we had about another minute before our wave was off. Looking around at the nervous faces on a race day always really makes me laugh. Being in various competitions since I was a kid has really accustomed me to pre-race anxiety. This can really wreck your race, especially in the swim as your heart rate can come up so high, and cause your body to work way too hard than it needs to.

We were ready and the starter fired his gun, and we were off. I made a short sprint into the water and did 5 dolphin dives, and started a slow steady technique focused swim. In the first 100m, I felt so relaxed and I was passing people without even trying (my swimming the last 2 months had changed slightly with some awesome coaching from my new swim coach Kevin Koskella from triswimcoach.com). After turning the second buoy and heading back to shore, I found an awesome rhythm. Coming out onto the shore for the turn around point, and I noticed everyone going straight out, so I took a chance and ran left into the shallows for 50m, then headed straight out to the buoy. By the time I got to the buoy, I had made a huge gap (from the longer beach run) on a group that was ahead of me. At this stage I was finding some really good rhythm and was stepping up my pace. Turning the last buoy, I was starting to think about my transition on the bike. Finding my feet on the sand, I stood up and made my quick transition (I never take my wetsuit off until I stop, because it slows your run right down). My transition was fast and I ran down the shoot, and coming out to mounting point, I jumped on and started hammering it. I took my time getting my feet in the shoes but wanted some good speed first. When I get on the bike, it’s almost like other athletes and standing still. I was going that fast, that after settling into the speed I was only 5 min behind the pros (only because of my good swim).

I had 3 laps to hit the 40km and on the third lap, I came up to someone who was moving fast. I passed him with him passing me straight back. I hung back for a bit then made another attack (later in the race I discovered that this guy was my opponent for 1st position in my age group). I passed him back once more and held the pace hard. The last few km before coming into transition, I started to spin it up a little. This generally bleeds out any lactate before the run. He passed me again and went into transition one bike length in front of me. I racked my bike and got my shoes on in 10 seconds flat as I ran out onto the run course. He was way back, but I still had a 10km run to do, so I knew the race was nowhere near won. But I felt awesome and set a solid pace with my first few km being a fast 3:50 min/km. I held the pace for the next few km but dropped back to 4 min/km. The next 5km I could start to feel my legs getting heavy, but I stayed focused, as I needed to be strong. With 2km to go I could see my 2nd place slowly catching me. I gave it every thing I had, but it wasn’t enough as he came up besides me with a big smile (cheeky bugger!) l tried my absolute best to hold his pace but I had nothing left!

I could see the finish line and kept my reasonable fatigued pace. Running over the finished line, I knew I couldn’t of done any better and was happy with my performance of a second place, which still easily qualified me for Chicago.

The race finished off with a presentation and some much needed nutrition recovery.



A big thanks to ALL of my supporters that got me a 2nd place today. I’m sure there will be more 1st placing in the next races coming up in 2015/16 season.

Thanks to my sponsors:

PH8 Water

I Love My Phone

5 Star Spas

The People’s Market
5/255 Military Road
West Lakes Shore

Tri Swim Coach


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