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CTBC 4 Week Challenge

04/01/2017 | By


Set yourself up for a new year and a new you!

Welcome to our favourite season of the year. We’re getting something super exciting ready which will get you fired up and beginning the New Year with a bang! 
Jump on board for our 4 week challenge, be coached by our health and fitness specialist and set yourself up for a new year and a new you! 

At CTS, we’ve created a mentored fitness program that will transform your body and give you the tools to carry you through a positive 2017!

After working through the difficulties of a drinking problem, recovering from a serious car accident and experiencing being overweight, Aaron understands first hand what it takes to overcome challenging circumstances and how to rise above them. He is driven by his will to help others reach their goals!
During the 4 weeks, you’ll be pushed to your limits and tap into your true potential. You will be 100% accountable to Aaron who will personally coach you along the way keeping you on track and hitting your target. 
Stay tuned for more information coming soon…

What’s included… 

• Welcome dinner
• Unlimited team training
• Weekly follow up calls
• Weekly weigh-ins and test
• Fermented veggie workshop
• Online community support
• Personal training


We have been trialling and testing a brand new nutrition program, designed to get unbelievably fast results in only 4 weeks. 

At the beginning of February, I went to the Modbury Medical Centre to seek advice about a serious pain in my left lower back down to my foot. The doctor arranged spinal scans. A week later I went back to the same doctor to find out the results. Unfortunately, the results stated that the lower discs in my back were enlarged and were pushing on a nerve, therefore causing sciatic nerve pain down my leg. The doctor said that weight loss would help the pain, and that no other treatment would help. I was told to keep taking Panadol and to exercise or in the worst case, have an epidural. I walked out of the Medical Centre feeling depressed and worried about trying to lose weight. I was unsure how I would be able to exercise to shift the weight off me when I was in so much pain.
At the time, my partner was attending a fitness appointment at Cross Training Systems with Aaron Buchan, who is a personal trainer there. My partner mentioned the sciatic pain I was experiencing to him. Aaron explained to my partner that he would fix it for me and to give him a call. To begin with, I was a little skeptical given the results from the doctor, but decided to ‘give it a go’. At my first appointment with Aaron, we had a detailed discussion on my health and fitness. Aaron then set up a fitness program for me and then through strength exercise, eased my pain from high to low. I honestly could not believe how I felt, walking away from my first session with Aaron.
Since then, I attend weekly sessions with Aaron. He has guided me into all the right directions, by setting me up with a diary/logbook that consisted of: eating habits, an exercise guide and daily recording sheets. Each week I feel much stronger and more positive. I no longer suffer from sciatic pain or any other back pain, which means I can get through everyday feeling great and being able to exercise with ease. Thanks to Aaron, I have lost weight, have no pain, have better muscle strength and feel fabulous!
I want to share this story so people can be aware that just because your doctor says there is no treatment, doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Please find a personal trainer and seek advice. They will help you get through the pain. Go personal trainers! They change your life!
Kellie Plumb 

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