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How to get fit & healthy for summer and remove those trouble spots

18/10/2015 | By

With the warmer weather coming, everyone is scrambling to get into shape for summer! Maybe it’s after putting on some revealing clothes and realizing that they have put on a few kilos, or maybe they have lost some muscle tone during the comfort months. During my 10 year experience as a fitness professional, I have trained thousands of clients. I want to give you the truth, to get you the results you need in 12 weeks. I’m not looking at selling you any fantastic product that promises you ripped abs in 4 weeks, but just advice that has made me successful in getting long term results for my clients.

So if you’re looking at an exercise for toning up those arms and butt or even reducing that cellulite off those legs, FORGET IT! You can’t spot reduce, no matter how many late night TV commercials you’ve watched, don’t get sucked in! These products are sold by marketing experts who are brain washing us to tell us what we want to hear, as they have no experience in health or fitness themselves. In this article, I will tell you the basic starting points and also explain to how you can mix up your current training program.

Motivation is the first key point when wanting to get in shape for summer. What’s your purpose and what outcome do you want is the first thing you need to ask yourself. What I recommend is setting a specific goal that you want to achieve in relation to your emotional status (everyone is motivated differently). Think about how you would feel if you achieved this…? It’s an awesome feeling, isn’t it? From there, think of s points that will help you get to your main goal that would have a real impact. Once you have these ideas, it’s time to write them down on paper. If you’re still not sure, here is an example.

  1. I must commit to 2 weight sessions per week
  2. l must follow my nutrition plan 100%
  3. I must be in bed l0pm every night
  4. I will not make excuses and tell myself it’s ok…} deserve it
  5. I must drink 2-3 litres of good quality water every day

Once you have documented your agreement to yourself, sign it and pin it up somewhere where you can see it everyday. Start to visualize what you want. What you think, you create! Once you have documented your agreement to yourself, sign it and pin it up somewhere where you can see it everyday. Start to visualize what you want. What you think, you create!

Breathing is the key to optimizing your health for so many different reasons. The first most important one is breathing correctly. 90% of initial clients I see on a daily basis are breathing incorrectly, through the chest and not using their diaphragm. This normally leads to postural imbalances, decreased food digestion, poor quality sleep and decreases energy. These are just to name a few, and the best way to reverse these is to improve the breathing pattern through the diaphragm. This is best practiced in the morning before getting out of bed, and at night just before bed when lying down for, 3 minutes at a time. Place one hand on your stomach and the other hand on your chest. Breathe in through the nose while pushing your stomach out like a big full belly (do not let the chest rise here). Exhale and let your bellybutton sink into your spine.

Hydration is crucial for so many reasons. One big one is that many people are dehydrated which leads to medical advice, which generally leads to medications to stop the symptoms, but typically not to fixing the cause. The biggest problem with a clients is that when you’re dehydrated you seem to be hungrier. Well guess what,, it’s not food you’re craving, it’s water. Drinking 2-3 litres of water per day is best, and it needs to be quality high mineral /alkaline water. I recommend drinking PH8 as it’s one of the best waters, and I have been drinking this over many years of trialing, and it’s also a local SA brand.

Sleeping 8 hours per night and catching up on sleep on the weekend is not going to cut it if you’re looking at getting in shape for summer! It is absolutely crucial that you are sleeping l0pm to 6am to align your circadian rhythm and get the physical and mental repair you need to recover from training, work, stress, life etc. Not getting sleeping between your circadian rhythms times can disrupt your cortisol and melatonin levels which will lead to sugar cravings, increased eating and excessive fat storage.

Nutrition is a big can of worms for everyone these days, because everyone has some new diet plan, claiming to get the best results possible. But is it really for you? Don’t be sucked in to how Jenny lost lOkgs ‘= ‘ a on this great detox plan. First of all keep a food diary for 10 days to see how much crap you are actually eating. From there, eliminate any take away, junk foods, sugar snacks, processed foods, and replace it with real organic whole foods. Eat 3 meals a day and be aware of what’s happening to your body when you eat. Are you full, bloated, cramped, sluggish, tired, or still hungry? Start to fine-tune your diet for what makes you feel the best

Exercise or movement is what our bodies were built for so we need to move. If you are smashing out 3-5 treadmill sessions at night and wondering why you’re not losing that stomach fat, it’s because your probably making it worse with the added stress you’re putting on your body. Cut back the late night sessions, get to bed early, wake up early, and hit the gym for a strength session. lf you have no idea what you need to do in a gym environment, get a Personal Trainer to put a program together to suit your goals. lf you already have a Personal Trainer but are not getting the results, you need ask yourself this, “Am I doing everything they tell me?” lf the answer is yes, get a new trainer, or if it’s no, take responsibility for your actions. If you’re doing 2-3 weights sessions per week but are still not where you want to be, l recommend incorporating some high intense interval training (advanced only, not for beginners) as this will shock the body into burning more fat. Here is a basic workout that I recommend before 30-45 minute walk or light jog. Before breakfast at 6am is best.

Leg crank: xl2 squats, x24 lunges, x24 scissor jumps, xl2 jump squats
Plank rotations: x 50 repetitions
Uppers & lowers crunches, x 20 repetitions
Repeat 2-3 times, 10-15 minutes maximum

So that’s how you get in shape for summer. On a long term basis there is no quick fix here. I do promise that if you follow these
steps, within 12 weeks you will look and feel amazing! GOOD LUCK! The information I have given you is at a basic foundation . !-”‘ level. l recommend you seek medical advice before using this exercise program. I am not responsible for any medical or injury cost associated with starting an exercise program, and this is done at your own risk. If you need any further advice, you can look at my website www.crosstrainingsystems.com.au or you can contact me direct on 0403534611.

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