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How to recover from long rides

09/12/2016 | By

Recently I had a big training week with 20 plus hours! I had a massive 4 hour ride schedule in my training peaks program on Saturday, followed by a 90 min run on the Sunday.

I wanted to share with you how to recover to get the most out of your long rides, and to feel recovered and super fresh enough to still comfortably do a 90 min run, without jeopardizing technique, posture or efficiency.

My long ride consisted of 4 hours. I used my TT bike for this as I was riding on mainly flat terrain around West Lakes and North Haven etc. My program consisted of:
• 60 min warm up at 90rpm
• The second hour was 8 x 5 min 50 rpm with 2:30 min 90 rpm reco in-between
• Following this was 8 x 5 min 90rpm hard, with 2:30 min 90 rpm reco, followed by another 60 min 90 rpm using the last 10 min 100rpm (very easy)
On bike nutrition and hydration is the key to get you through this session and to not be dehydrated for the rest of the day. You generally need 1 gram of carbs per kg of body weight. So for me (75 kg) I need 75 grams of carbs per 60 min. I do not have on bike nutrition in the first hour as I have a good breakfast prior, which consists of 1 cup raw granola with coconut milk, 1 mango, 1 banana and coconut yogurt, followed by a beetroot, orange, cucumber, carrot juice (this will be sufficient for your warm up in the first hour).

For my on the bike nutrition, I’m using Infinite which is a 100% natural product and is great (75 grams per hour). I use 3 bottles for the other 3 hours on the bike.

I see a lot of athletes not having enough on bike nutrition and incorrect pre/post nutrition which is a big problem in recovery for your next training session for progressions.

This is what I recommend for the day of your long ride:

Breakfast: raw granola with almond milk, fresh mango, a banana and fermented yogurt followed by a fresh juice (beetroot, oranges, carrots, cucumber, lemons)

LUNCH: immediately after your ride.
Sweet potato cooked in the fry pan (you will need a lot of this). Once semi cooked, on the side add red onion, tomatoes, chilli, and at the last minute add baby spinach, lots of sea salt and pepper to taste. Add 2 poached eggs and avocado

DINNER: roasted veggies (beetroot, sweet potatoes, zucchini, asparagus). Add coconut oil, maple syrup and salt and pepper to taste

Make sure you drink plenty of good quality water (3 litres of PH8) and get to bed before 10 pm, ready for your 90 min run the next day.

If you need any help with programs, nutrition, strength and conditioning or mind coaching, then just contact me and I’ll respond that day.


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