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How to Turn Everyday Foods into Superfoods

12/12/2014 | By

The term ‘superfoods’ has definitely been overused over the years to create hype. A superfood is a food rich in vitamin content. It is a REAL food, and one that doesn’t have a shelf life. It has sustainable energy, and is easily digestible.

Everyday foods can be turned into superfoods in many different ways. The most effective way is extracting whole foods to reduce the loss of vitamins and minerals from juicing or peeling. These days everyone is boiling, cooking and microwaving these foods, even though it’s healthy foods. The loss of vitamins and minerals are huge! Raw foods are the next best thing to the “superfoods”, and in my opinion, these raw foods are SUPERFOODS! Anything that gives the body excessive performance or just makes you feel good is a superfood.

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