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Johanna Smith

22/07/2012 | By

When I first came to Cross I was very overweight and did not feel good about myself at all. I weighed 79.9kgs, was always tired and just had enough.

At the first session I did with Aaron, we sat down and worked out why I wanted a change and set a plan on how to go about it. Aaron didn’t make me feel judged like I had felt before. He made me feel very comfortable like an old friend just wanting to help out. His passion for his craft immediately shone through.

I Have now been training with Aaron for the last 12 months. In this time my life has changed so dramatically – I have lost over 15kgs of body fat and now have muscles!!! I now love myself again and have learnt that health and fitness comes first and if you follow this simple rule, everything else falls into place. I also have twice the energy I had and life is just easier.

Aaron isn’t just your trainer, he is your mentor and friend who goes above and beyond his call of duty and is always there with a goofy smile on his face ready to listen and help you out. He keeps you on track and gives you an extra push in the ass when you are feeling totally demotivated.

If you’re considering training with Cross Training Systems I suggest DO IT… give it a shot you will become addicted as I am.

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