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What is Motivation? I’ve heard the saying “either you’ve got it, or you don’t”, right? Wrong! Motivation can come from a number of different thoughts and patterns created by yourself or others. Motivation is something that comes from deep within the mind, and everyone has it – it’s just a matter of how to unleash it.
Creating positive thoughts around you is very important. Surrounding yourself with positive people, people who you admire or look up too, people that are caring and praise you.
Motivation is an ambition, a passion and self-will. Goal setting is a priority when trying to get motivated to lose weight, build muscle or even win your first triathlon. Firstly, you need to know what you want to achieve, why it has become a priority, what is your long term goal, important things in life, smaller stepping stones, how you will reward yourself, and the challenges you will meet and how to overcome them. These will be the building blocks to cross off your goals.
Setting goals can’t be done the same way every time, but they must have a different angle. If you did the same goal setting sheet (tool) etc, and only reached those the first time and not the second time,then you would be asking yourself, “why?” right? Using different angles of goal setting keeps the mind active and fresh for new changes and commitments.
If you weren’t reaching your goals and you were sticking to everything you set, you need to ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?” 9/10 times, motivation will decrease due to self sabotage or de-motivation from negative thoughts. It could be your surroundings bringing you down, people at work, house mate or even family. This is usually called ‘stinking thinking’ (R.E.F Paul Check). It is like a pit you get pulled into with that negative attraction, which can sometimes be difficult to break if it’s been happening for years. If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’, it talks about Nero pathways and how the brain trains it self to take the same path, making it stronger. Like an elephant in the jungle taking the same path every day, why would it break off the path through the jungle??? Motor patterns in the brain always come back to what it knows best. The good news is these negative pathways can be recreated into positive ones.
A way around breaking off from those path ways, apart from goal setting, is changing lifestyle factors. This will help the mind create a more positive outlook which includes 6 foundation principles we start with at Cross Training Systems:

  • Positive thinking, having motivational positive affirmations around you, set goals
  • Breathing-getting that pump (diaphragm) pumping correctly, helps massage internal organs
  • Hydrating the body the body with high quality total dissolved solid water.
  • Nutrition, cutting back on cabs (sugar), big breakfast, smaller lunch and even smaller dinner
  • Sleeping, keeping in touch with circadian rhythm’s is crucial for physical and physiological repairs
  • Movement, the body creates energy through moving, which cultivates energy.

Goal setting is a great tool when used correctly if reached. Set higher goals if you’velost focus and don’t self sabotage. Try a different angle. Train the brain differently and get the foundation set with changing lifestyle factors.


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