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Nutrition the C.T.S way

04/10/2012 | By

I hear so many people tell me that their diet is good. Then when I say, “Ok tell me”, I can almost read their mind as to what they’re going to say. It normally consists of some sort of muesli or cereal with pasteurised skim milk for breakfast, followed by a sandwich with ham for lunch, and then some sort of large dinner consisting of way too many carbohydrates! I don’t quite say this normally but, “YOUR DIET IS NOT GOOD”. After some basic tips on how to make some nutritional changes, most people will see the point of diet change. Some clients that come to CTS for exercise sometimes tell us that they don’t need the nutritional advice. During our initial consultation, we have a lifestyle questionnaire, at which point I explain to them that this questionnaire will identify any areas that need addressing. 9 times out of 10, no-one scores low on the nutrition section of the questionnaire. This questionnaire also identifies your metabolic typing, which is very important in determining that you are eating correctly because so many of us are eating excessive carbohydrates, without even being conscious of it! 7/10 people are protein types, which means they need 45% of meals to be protein, 20% fats, and only 35% carbohydrates. If you’re not sticking to these ratios, you will find that you’re looking for more food within the 2hrs of meals and snacks being consumed…

During my Step 1 to ‘Optimal Health’, I explain that it’s TIME TO WAKE UP! So many people tell themselves that their diet is OK, but deep down they know it’s not. I identify these road blocks to being more conscious, about not telling yourself it’s OK to eat what the rest of the population is eating. I also explain that it’s your choice to choose what you eat, and that it’s your responsibility for your actions to what you put in your mouth…

Along with some simple goal setting techniques in identifying what your main goals are, you need an action plan on how to get there. No matter if your goals are weight loss, muscle gain, rehabilitation or posture correction, your nutritional needs have to be optimised. Along with a lifestyle plan, these goals will be achieved!

Detoxification if also an important part of improving the digestive system. Just recently a group of us (including myself) participated in a 2 day juice feast, to cleanse the system and liven up the digestive system for improved vitality and performance. During the 2 days, I predicted a weight loss of 2-5 kg, with everyone losing an average of 3kg and keeping it off a few days after the juice feast following my nutrition planner. I recommend anyone considering a juice feast to mentally prepare themselves beforehand, and cleaning out their cupboards of any bad foods (or foods at all). It’s also important to do it on a weekend when you have nothing planned, as some people (more-so people with really bad diets, and those that eat lots of sugars and junk) will have their body go into shock with cronic headaches and even vomiting.

If you’re serious about a 2 day juice feast, you can purchase our Do it your self kit online with everything supplied.

Thanks for reading.


Aaron Buchan

Cross Training Systems

Weight loss, posture, rehabilitation and strength expert


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