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pH8 Water

07/02/2015 | By

10 boxes of 8 x 1.5L = $200 (pick up from Prospect studio)

Why choose pH8 water?

PH8 is high alkaline and contains essential trace minerals, it has naturally occurring electrolytes which flush lactic acid from the muscles while exercising meaning you get the NATURAL benefits of a sports endurance drink without the added nasties. When humans exercise, lactic acid is created in the muscles. During heavy exercise lactic acid build up can cause muscle soreness, tiredness, stiffness, cramps and even knots often found in the upper back. PH8 having naturally occurring electrolytes is absorbed straight into the blood stream, to flush lactic acid build up, increase endurance, stamina and prevent muscle fatigue, tightness, tenderness and soreness.

PH8 is drawn from a pristine aquifer at Warooka on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia, situated some 25 Km from the nearest town. With rolling hills surrounding the 1800-acre farm which contains the catchment basin for this unique and unadulterated water source.

The farm itself has been cleared of stock and is not involved in any form of primary production so as to preserve the integrity of this pure and heavenly water.

The water is pumped via a windmill to storage tanks as it has been since its discovery many years ago. An onsite factory has been established to bottle the water into 600ml and 1.5L containers.

The water filters down through limestone rocks and into the aquifer drawing the elements from the earth, which makes PH8 one of the finest drinking waters in the world.

The limestone is up to 38m thick which slows the filtering process of the water from the surface to the aquifer. It can take years for the water to pass through collecting elements such as selenium, silica, bicarbonate, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Making it not only a fantastic replenishment, but also one of the most amazing drinking waters readily available in the world today.


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