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I wanted to write a blog this month about helping clients, members, family and friends with nutrition. These days, everyone wants to improve their nutrition but they are not willing to commit to doing what it takes UNTIL SOMETHING GOES HORRIBLE WRONG: cancer, a death in the family, or they have just got to a point in their life where they have had enough of being overweight. I was out for lunch recently at a popular vegetarian place in the Adelaide Central Markets. “Pure Vegetarian” sells great, fresh, clean food, and it’s located in the mix of food eateries that sell a lot of unhealthy denatured food. I found myself looking around (and trying not to be too judgmental) at all the overweight and unhealthy people that were eating absolute crap! These people looked so unhealthy and unhappy, even
struggling to get up and out of their seats. In my career as a fitness professional, I always thought of ways that I
could use to get through to anyone that wanted change: to come up with so many different ideas, trialing what works and what doesn’t work etc.