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Swim Coaching

15/10/2015 | By

Swim coaching sessions to be held at Adelaide Aquatic Centre on Saturday afternoons (12pm).
Cost is $75 (plus your entry).
If interested in swim coaching, please contact us at the studio on 8344 6249 to get you started!

Sometimes we think we are swimming correctly with good technique, but until someone else actually looks at our stroke thoroughly, we are not conscious of this. In this swim clinic, I will make it conscious for you to work on, and make your swimming more efficient. 

You will receive video filming and efficiency testing along with specific mobility analysis. During the session we will also go through specific drills to help perfect your technique individually. 

The video will be edited and sent to you, along with corrective exercises (and a 4 week program to follow before coming back next month, to measure your results with the efficiency test, and to prove your technique practice has paid off).

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