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Testimonial – Andrew May

03/05/2014 | By

After 14 weeks of Personal Training Sessions and Group Sessions, I have seen greatly improved health, fitness, lifestyle and more importantly my posture, which I am still improving on. Slouching in front of a computer at work for all these years has put me to this need of a drastic change. Yes I have sacrificed some food and drink that I did enjoy which I now realise that the body does not need, but it’s definitely been a change for a new and improved me. My family and friends can see a massive change in appearance and confidence in me. I have lost just over 10kg and “toned up” a little and going to keep that on the up. Kai (yes I was his 1st) was very supporting whether it was in the studio or away, a quick call or message if I needed some help or advice and always pushing to achieve that goal. However this has also been the objective of the whole CTS team whoever it may have been taking that next Group Session.
I can honestly say if it wasn’t for my new partner at the time getting me into Cross Training Systems, then I more than likely wouldn’t have got to where I am now. But now feeling as active and energetic as I do now I am happy to go out for a run, hike or anything else I feel like at the time rather than watching TV.
Thanks again for the support guys.
Andrew May

Andrew May before and after

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