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Testimonial – Angus Smith

22/08/2013 | By

Angus SmithAngus Smith 2


My posture and athletic ability after 12 weeks.








I’ve currently had three knee reconstructions on my left knee. The many physiotherapists I had seen had told me where my problems were in my posture. They had corrected my problems on consultation, but not advised me of ways to keep my posture in place.

That’s where Aaron and CTS came in. I was previously training with CTS before my third knee reconstruction but decided to give Aaron a shot at sorting me out for good. We spent the first couple of months on my stability and core work. This is something I had not done after my first two surgeries, as I was not advised to do so. Aaron has been like my Physio, Chiro, trainer and nutritionist.

It’s been 5 months now and I don’t have any back pain, especially at work, my hamstrings aren’t tight anymore, and I’ve dropped weight through the nutrition advice. This training has allowed me to run ahead of when was suggested, and well before I could after my first knee reconstruction. My muscular endurance and strength is better than it ever has been. Aaron has been pushing me positively and is the main reason I have recovered so quickly.

I can happily say that I have already crossed off my goals and will look to continue with this lifestyle to avoid having problems with my knee ever again.


Angus Smith

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