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Testimonial – Aymie Amor

09/08/2014 | By

To turn an unmotivated couch potato into someone hungry for success in training is no small project, but CTS has most definitely achieved that in me. I first started at CTS in April 2014 & I was skeptical of the unexpected. I’d never done personal training or group training before and was feeling nervous. I’d tried online diet and exercise plans, juice diets, no sugar diets, and low calorie diets. They all worked, but only short term, and I ended up putting 12 kilos back on. Through training with CTS I’ve come to understand the importance of balancing good & bad within your lifestyle, eating organic & keeping hydrated with good quality water, & this is the first time in 2 years that I have stuck to a diet/training plan with no breakdowns.
My journey first started with a postural assessment & I had no idea how out of whack my body was, which made me realize this was why I had so many aches and pains. I was at my heaviest I’d ever been and decided right then and there I’d give CTS a go as I’d tried what felt like everything else I could possibly do. I started with PT sessions once a week, and a group training session. I was doubtful about getting the results that I wanted, but through using the online food diary it became a lot easier to balance my diet between sessions. Within the first 12 weeks I’d already lost 8 kilos. It wasn’t my favourite thing getting up every Tuesday morning at 4:30am to get to CTS but it was worth it every bit, walking into the studio and seeing everyone with a smile on their face ready to pump out all you’ve got really gave me the kick of motivation that I was looking for.
Each session I went to I felt more & more excited for my results. By this point I’d already reached my first goal, my clothes were becoming loose, I was more energetic, my back & neck pains had completely gone & I was sleeping 100% better. I then started doing 3 group sessions a week and 4 weeks into that I have lost a further 3 kilos, within a short 4 months I was back to a weight that I am happy with and still going. It’s been the longest time that I have easily stuck to a diet and training plan that works. If it weren’t for Aaron giving me a postural assessment and assuring me his team could help me achieve my goals I would still be stuck in my old bad habits.
Becoming a healthier and fitter young woman is giving me the confidence I need in life, and more than that it’s given me a passion for training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend anyone come try out CTS as for me the studio itself is a space of motivation, focus, support and really just a lot of fun. Thanks for the support. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Aymie Amor

Aymie Amor before

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