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Testimonial – Eddie Haghighi

07/12/2015 | By

My experience with the team at CTS has been excellent. I started having lower back pain, with referrals all the way down my right leg, as well as numbness in my right calf back in November 2013. This was as a result of doing constant heavy lifting at work. I spent about 18 months on prescribed pain-killers and trying to fix my injury with different types of techniques like physiotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, massage and swimming.
I spent most of my time in a lot of pain, which also resulted in anxiety and depression.

It had made me come to convincing myself that my back pain would never get better and that I would live with a bad back for life. Luckily, my massage therapist Stephen gave me a CTS business card one day.
When I finally gave Aaron a call he organized an appointment and gave me the great news, and hope, about the training techniques that CTS uses, resulting in a high rate of success for lower back injuries. I have since come a very long way with almost 90% of my injury symptoms recovered, and I’m feeling great!
Now my life has changed. For someone who couldn’t sleep, walk, sit or drive comfortably for more then 15-20 minutes at a time, I have views and hope for my future plans with a good quality lifestyle ahead of me! My goals are now that I must continue to train with CTS until I have achieved 100% recovery and all of my back pain has been fixed.

Thank you CTS.

Eddie Haghighi

Eddie H

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