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Testimonial – George Karlis

10/06/2016 | By

George Karlis

A work colleague recommended CTS to me in early 2016. After meeting Aaron, I jumped at the opportunity of 2-3 months of personalised training. At the time, I was unhappy with my condition and health. Despite being actively involved in sport most of my life (mostly road cycling) my family and busy work commitments (and bad eating habits) contributed to my weight ballooning to 103 kg (the biggest and most unfit I have been my whole life).
At 47 years of age, I was heading for an accelerated decline in health. Aaron helped me get back on track quickly. I loved the philosophy of getting my diet, posture and core into shape first. Then began the intensive and rapidly progressing training and gym work. Aaron had me running and squatting 100kg in no time, in a controlled and safe manner. I have never pushed myself so hard in my life, and I loved it. It is really intensive but worth it. I shed 10 kg really quickly (without going hungry) and my posture, core strength and stamina have improved dramatically. I feel light, stable and stronger on the bike. I love the passion and motivation Aaron and his team at CTS share. I am a physio by profession and Aaron knows his stuff. Give it a go; you have nothing to lose (except body fat). I intend to stay on track from now on with the advice, guidance and knowledge from CTS.

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