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Testimonial – Hannah Clark

20/07/2015 | By

My journey with CTS started at the Tourrific Prospect Street Party when Amber commented on the way I had braided my hair! Now I’m not one to pass off a compliment without thanking the complimenter so I stopped to chat and find out a bit more about CTS. After chatting I decided to put my name down for a posture assessment and check out the studio.

My initial results showed that my posture needed work and so did my weak glutes and core. Amber also wanted to find out a bit about my health, lifestyle and training goals and realised that my goal of making the top netball side for this coming season was in a perfect timeline to undertake 3months of training with her. I loved the idea and signed myself up straight away to get started that week.

3 months down the track I am feeling better than I ever have before and may I even say that I’m looking better too! Losing stacks of weight was never a priority but the lifestyle changes the CTS team suggested for me just made it so easy and I dropped weight quickly. When people started noticing and complimenting me, it only made me want to work harder, and seeing the change within myself also made me work harder. With eating plans set out for you the lifestyle change is easy. I soon worked out the foods I liked more than others and combined them into meals that I enjoyed, even inspiring Amber’s dinner one night with my ideas. This eating style is now my way of life, it’s easy, it’s yummy and most importantly of all it is sustainable.

As for the training side of things I was impressed with the variety of different exercises set out for me. In the beginning there was a focus on my posture correction to ensure that in this program I wasn’t going to get injured. And that brings me to another thing I loved about CTS; I always felt so safe as I would never be able to progress to heavier weights unless my technique was spot on, Amber was always there just in case. After building some strength in my core and glutes my program then progressed into hypertrophy and strength and endurance as well as sport specific training for netball. Already I can see the difference in my game, I’m lighter on my feet, quicker, can spring higher for those rebounds and my general fitness is at a standard it hasn’t been for years. I’m getting my hands to balls that I would never have never even had a chance at last season. I’m so excited to get the netball season underway and really show how hard I have been working, and I will most definitely be keeping up some sessions at CTS during the season to work on the sport specific skills.

My next major goal will be to make the A grade representative side for the netball Country Championships at the June long weekend, and I have full faith in Amber and the team at CTS to be able to get me there.

With the success I have had, I have no hesitation to recommend the team at CTS to whoever is ready to undertake their fitness or lifestyle goal.

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