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Testimonial – Stephen Walters

19/08/2014 | By

When I was diagnosed with osteopenia in 2011, I realised my fate could be the same as my father and my uncle who both suffered miserably with osteoporosis for decades. I didn’t want that, so I dedicated myself to learning how to prevent it. I needed to do several things to reverse the decline in my bone density. This included changing my lifestyle.
Together with the medical treatment, the CTS system offered me a way to get my bones strong. I changed to an organic food diet, high intensity exercise, proper sleep and rest, a carefully designed supplement program, less alcohol and regular massage.
The CTS posture correction, 6 Steps to Optimal Health, circuit training, organic food boxes, superfoods and motivational trainers provided me with what I needed to get results. Two years after my diagnosis I had my second DEXA bone density scan. Fantastic results! I had improved my bones to such an extent, that I was no longer classified with osteopenia. Even my doctor asked in amazement how I had accomplished this, because she had never seen this level of improvement before.
At the age of 57 I am stronger, fitter and happier than before. I look forward to many more years of high-level physical and mental activity. Thanks to Aaron and the team at CTS.
Stephen Walters

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