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Triathlon Australia Course at AIS, Canberra

18/06/2016 | By


This month I was lucky enough to be selected to take part in the performance coaching course at the AIS in Canberra. This was facilitated by ‘Triathlon Australia’ and was a 10-day course with some of the most knowledgeable sport scientists and experts in the world. 

I decided to do the 12-hour drive over 2 days. I’ve never driven that far before, and believe me, it was painful! I arrived in Hay late (10pm) on the first night after a long day of driving and practically went straight to bed. The next morning, I left early and eager to get to the AIS. It was another 6 hours of driving in the pouring rain (which was not very scenic). 

Upon arriving at the AIS, I checked into my room which almost seemed like a jail cell (very small with bunk beds). I made several trips to and from the car to unload all my stuff (which was mainly food) and headed over to the food court to see what was on offer for dinner. I wasn’t overly impressed with the food choices, but was willing to adapt for the week. After getting an early night, I was fresh and ready to learn for the first day of the course. 

The first day was more of an introduction to the week, with all 30 coaches standing on stage and introducing themselves to the rest of the group, and this was very interesting and entertaining at the same time. We also had an outline of what the week ahead was going to look like. 

Most of the days were jammed packed with seminars and practical components, which didn’t really leave me much time for training. My plan was to train early in the morning, with a quick swim at lunch time, otherwise I knew I’d go crazy sitting down all day. 


The main things that stood out the most for me was the bike skills course that we did. After learning some of the most important technical skills of riding, we headed off to the carpark where a technical course was set up for us. This included a technical course and also a formula 1 course. We got to learn riding more comfortable in groups, and also got to do some time trials on this course. After getting the quickest time on the track, we lined up for a race as a group. I got the first line into the corner and held the front position for 2 laps. 6 years of motocross definately helped my bike skills. 

Another great thing that I learnt from one of the sport’s scientist was how to set up a bike with the correct measurements, with a video analysis to ensure correct angles while riding. 

I also loved the recovery centre which had ice baths, spa baths (it was amazing, even though 10 mins of the ice bath almost killed me!) 

I think that taking away the training on programming for athlete’s different abilities and individual goals for certain races was also a huge bonus, with the use of training peaks. I am now more confident in programming for individual’s specific races. 

The 8 days was so amazing and I learnt so much from it. I want to thank Triathlon Australia for putting on such a great event for us all. 

I was sad to be leaving the AIS but was more than happy to be heading home to get back to normal training and life. 

I will be looking at taking on new athletes that are serious about performance coaching. I’m looking specifically for age groupers that are wanting to take it to the next level, and elite athletes that are looking at national and international events in standard distances. 


Why you should be coached by me: 

10 years in the fitness industry has given me great insights into biomechanics of the body, to have the correct posture, and fit your bike to optimize your performance. 

Using neural linguistic programing techniques, I can set subconscious goals that really work and motivate you to succeed. 

Monthly efficiency, bio mechanic analysis and VO2 max testing will assure you are improving your performance. 

Advanced nutrition guidelines to get you performing well above your average. 

Using training peaks to set a structure, and annual and weekly plans to monitor your performances for your next big race. 

If you’re serious about success this season, then I am ready to take you to the next level of triathlon performance. 

Enter your details in the submission form below and I’ll give you a call for a chat. 

Happy racing 

Aaron Buchan
CTS Super Coach

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